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Commonly Asked Questions - Problem Fixes - Error Messages
This list covers the most frequent points raised by callers asking for technical support - if you require more detailed assistance with any of these items or help with a different question please ring the Technical Support Department at Cravenplan Computers Limited on 01747 858012 (08:30-18:00 UK Time, Mon to Fri) assistance is sometimes available outside these hours, if not an answering machine will take your message and we will call back as soon as possible.
Alternatively you can email us at: - We always respond to email - if you don't get an answer within 48 hours please assume we have not received your query and re-send it.


Backing up
How can I back up my additions and corrections
All additions and corrections you enter are saved in a file called ROCKMAIN.MDB which is stored in the \rockbase\data\full directory on your hard disk. Notes, (in the 5 notes fields), are also stored in this file. Make a copy of this file to a diskette or tape in order to have a backup. Keep the disk or tape in a different place from the computer (preferably a different house) in case of theft or fire. Version 2.14 now features a backup option off the file menu
"Permission Denied" This message can be displayed when trying to use the backup option - it occurs after displaying tracks and musicians (even if they are no longer on display). If this happens either close and restart RockBase Plus or use the Windows + Close all Windows then Windows + New menu functions - you can then backup the additions. A better fix will be incorporated into a future release.


Exporting your additions & changes

How can I send you my additions and corrections for inclusion in the next release of RockBase Plus
Use the "File" + "Export New Data" options to display a dialogue box. Select the drive and directory in which to place the export file, (by default this will be the \rockbase directory), you may wish to change this to the location of your email uploads e.g. C:\CSERVE\UPLOADS - Note the chosen location.

Unless previously exported data has been lost or overwritten before being sent to us then use the "New Data Only" radio button option and press "OK". This will create a file called EXPORT.MDB (ROCKBASE.TXT in version 2.11 or earlier) in the chosen directory. Please note that a file called EXPORT.LDB is also created but this is NOT required by us and can safely be ignored.

Run your internet access or email program e.g. netscape and go to our web site at "" which is this page. Click here to email us at: (use this email address only for sending exported data) Create a new message and use the "attachment" or "attach file" option to point to the previously saved export.mdb or rockbase.txt file, enter any message text then press "send". Your data will now have been sent to us for inclusion in the next release, thank you. Find out about our reward scheme by clicking here.

Is it better to send you my updates daily or wait until I have more data
Although we are happy to receive data in any quantity, if you are intending to enter lots of new data or corrections, (for example you are cataloging your entire collection), then it is better to input a decent amount of data before using the export function. The first time you run RockBase Plus after you have added/amended 100 releases which have not yet been exported you will be prompted to export the data. This is probably as good as any point at which to do so. - Thanks again to all those sending data - check out the Key by key guide to adding or amending entries

How do I enter compilation albums
RockBase was not really designed to handle compilation albums as the supplier who provided the data for RockBase did not enter compilations in his data when the database was designed and had no intention at that time to do so. As dealing with compilations would have compromised the database design it was felt best to stay within the ideal database design.

In version 2, however, it became possible to add your own data and a number of users have asked how to treat compilation albums.

The official and best method is to enter the tracks for each artist as a separate title - this allows you to search for artist, track or musician. If an album contains ten tracks by five different artists then you would enter them as five different titles (each with two tracks), (this is not as bad as it sounds because most of the data is retained on the entry screen between entries). An alternative is to enter the artist as "Various Artists" and enter all the tracks on one title. This will mean that although you can search by track title you would not know the artist who recorded that track and furthermore you could not find the track by searching for the artist name.

I hope this helps - if any of you have found better ways to deal with compilations please let me know.


Windows 7

RockBase doesn't work under Windows 7
Because RockBase was written in 1996 it is sadly not supported under Windows 7 - there is a Web based version under development but in the meantime you may wish to try the following solution (at your own risk).

Solution: It may be possible to run RockBase under a virtual Windows 95 environment. I know of one user that has managed to do so and these are the instructions he has provided (please let me know if you find they need amending).

Download the following file (70Mb) and extract the file, open the folder and you will see a folder called “Windows 95”, copy that folder into this location : Documents > Virtual Machines Open VMware player, Click on “File” then click on “Open a virtual machine”, navigate to “Documents > Virtual Machines > Windows 95” and select the “Windows 95” blue icon. You might get prompted about taking ownership, if you do, take owner ship. When you start the VM you may also get asked something, choose the “I copied it” option.

The Virtual Machine player can be found here -


Other Problems

Doesn't display albums (or singles) I know I've entered (or seen before)
Check the preferences for the "Show Albums", "Show Singles" and "Show Both" options. If you are expecting to see an album title but no albums are displayed you may be set to show singles only.

I can't see the notes for any entries displayed
Notes are only displayed when the one line per release option is in use and you did not search musician or track data. Because notes relate to a release not a title (you may own the lp and cd version but not the cassette for example) we cannot show the notes unless each release is on display.
Solution: Check the preferences screen to see if the one line per title option is checked - if so uncheck it.

"Slow response when double clicking on a release to get tracks and musicians" Problem reported by Rob Smith, Rob had found version one to be very quick (approx 1 second) when requesting track and musician info. After installing version 2 he found it was taking up to 18 seconds to return the tracks/musicians. Further investigation lead to the discovery that by turning off 32 bit file access option, in the Windows 3.1 control panel, the response time could be brought down to about 7 seconds. We are currently trying to improve on this but in the meantime you may like to try the same thing.


Error Messages

"Disk I/O error" May occur if the CD-Audio player is running under Windows 95 - if so shut down the CD-Audio player.

"Incompatible Database Version" OR "File Not Found" Message shown on running RockBase Plus v2
Problem occurs in Windows 95 because another application (unknown at present but believed to be Sound Choice Lite from Cambium Development Inc - also part of the Value Pack within Microsoft Office for Windows 95) puts an older version (03.00.0528) of the file VBDB300.DLL in the \windows\system directory.
Solution: Copy the file VBDB300.DLL (03.00.0529) from the \rockbase directory into the \windows\system directory replacing the older version. If you are the cautious type you might like to rename the existing file in \windows\system from VBDB300.DLL to VBDB300.SAV before overwriting it with the newer version although we have never heard of any problems from users not doing so - the latest version is reported to be fully backward compatible.
Solution in more detail: Open Windows Explorer by clicking on the Start Button then choosing "Programs" then "Windows Explorer" Select view menu option then choose options - make sure the radio button "Show all files" is selected (otherwise dll files are not displayed). Click on OK button Scroll down the list of folders in the left window (directories) until you see one called "Windows" - click on the small plus sign beside the folder name. This will show all it's subfolders, one of which will be called "System" Scroll back up the list of folders in the left window until you see one called "Rockbase" - click on the folder icon beside the folder name. This will display a list of the files in the folder within the right hand window. Locate the file called "VBDB300.DLL" within the right hand window (scrolling down the list if necessary). Click once, with the right hand mouse button, on the file icon with this name. Choose the copy option from the list which is displayed. Now find the System folder beneath the Windows folder in the left hand window and click once with the right hand mouse button on the word "System". Choose the Paste option from the list displayed. You will see a warning message saying "This folder already contains a file called "VBDB300.DLL" would you like to replace the existing file?" Press the button marked "Yes" Close Windows Explorer by clicking with the mouse on the X in the top right of the window - You can now run RockBase Plus! (Enjoy it)

Can't print selected data Check that sufficient GDI memory is available - close some other programs down and re-try

"Unable to connect - incorrect session parameters" message when printing selected data
Reason: Problem occurs because another application (unknown at present) puts a newer version of the file CRPE.DLL in the \windows\system directory.
Solution: Rename the file in \windows\system from crpe.dll to crpe.sav then copy the file crpe.dll from the \rockbase directory into the \windows\system directory.
NOTE: Although this will let RockBase printing work you may find another application using the Crystal Reports Print Engine may stop working correctly - if so you will have to undo the changes described on the previous line. We are in touch with Crystal for a better solution to this problem
"DDE requires DDEML.DLL" message on running setup program You are trying to install RockBase Plus version 2 on Windows 3.0 - sorry but you need to upgrade to Windows version 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95.
"Out of memory" message during installation Caused by having a different version of Setupkit.dll in the \windows\system directory. Cure is to rename the version in the \windows\system directory. This then forces RockBase to use the file on the CD-ROM allowing installation.
"Object variable not set" after adding a track to the second new title added in a session this then caused an error "cannot have duplicate key" after restarting RockBase and attempting to add another track Solution: this bug has been fixed in version 2.02 - Click here to download the latest version (315Kb)
"Table Main already exists" when using cumulative search mode with titles amended by you. Solution: this bug has been fixed in version 2.02 - Click here to download the latest version (315Kb)
"Can't have duplicate key" when adding a note to a second release in any session. Solution: this bug has been fixed in version 2.06 - Click here to download the latest version (315Kb)
Can't Open "~rb00001.tmp" You do not have a line "Set Temp = ........." in your autoexec.bat file and therefore RockBase cannot find one of it's temporary files.
Solution: Create a directory off the root called temp (C:\temp) then enter the line "Set Temp = C:\temp" in the file Autoexec.bat in your root directory.
"Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed" when trying to access Notes via button on corrections / amendments screen.
Solution: this bug was introduced in version 2.02 - fixed again in version 2.03 and later - Click here to download the latest version (315Kb)
"Select[...]...INTO MAIN in c:\windows\temp\~RB00001.tmp from [...] is corrupted or isn't a microsoft access database"
A message box containing a longer but similar message to that above can appear when searching after aborting a search by using alt + ctrl + del if the full database has been copied to the hard disk and the attribute is not set to read only. Version 2.12 and subsequent versions now automatically set the file attributes to read only.
Solution: Copy the full database back into the \rockbase\data\full directory on your hard disk from the RockBase Plus CD-ROM (you do not need to re-install the program). Set the read only attribute on the file rockbase.mdb so that the error cannot occur again
"Reserved error (-8194); there is no message for this error"
Can occur when the program tries to attach to the file "rockbase.mdb" if the full database has been copied to the hard disk and the attribute is not set to read only.
Solution: Version 2.12 and subsequent versions now automatically set the file attributes to read only. Click here to download the latest version (315Kb)
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