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RockBase Plus hints and tips page - includes step by step guide to adding or correcting data. Also gives detailed information about the various fields a user can search and the options that can be used.
The Data

RockBase Plus contains data on 542,132 tracks from 154,694 album and 182,930 single releases by 43,545 artists. (Vinyl, CD, Cassette and DAT).

You can search the database by artist, album or single title, track title, country of origin, musician name, instrument, record company, catalogue number and year of release and many combinations of these. The results of your searches can be printed out, in fact up to 15,000 titles in one go. The data on the CD-ROM relates mainly to Rock and Pop music with some Soul, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk. The data covers the period from 1950 to mid 1996. Information about each known release of a title is available, therefore if an album was released on CD and vinyl in Europe and the USA there will be 4 entries giving full details including the relevant catalogue number. Almost all the singles contain the track titles for both the A and B sides. Many of the albums contain a list of all the tracks as well as the names of the musicians featured on the album as well as the instrument(s) they played.

To reveal Tracks and Musicians for any release, position the mouse cursor over the item and double click with the left mouse button. The same technique can be used to list all releases containing a track, double click on the desired track in the lower left area of the screen. For all releases featuring a Musician, double click on the musician in the lower right area of the screen.


Key by key guide to adding or amending entries
The quickest way to add new releases and mark them as owned:

You have a stack of LP's to check - follow this guide to learn the best and quickest way to process the albums. For the purpose of this example the first album to process is "Journeyman" by Eric Clapton

1. Press Ctrl + O to display the preferences screen - click on the display Albums Only radio button (if you have only got Albums to enter there will be less releases to sift through on screen if this option is used)

2. Ctrl + S (Sort Options) - Click on the default sort option (this sorts by Artist Name then Title then Year) - Use a custom sort if you prefer.

3. Ctrl + A (search for artist) - type just enough of the artist name to get a list of releases for the artist - in this case type "clap" in the artist last name then tab key to get to Artist First Name field, type "er" in the artist first name (leave the buttons set to "Starts With") then press enter. (Note: RockBase Plus is NOT case sensitive so you do not need to enter "Clap", "claP" or any other combination of upper and lower case will all work in the same way.

4. When the list of Eric Clapton releases is displayed press "J" to display the first title starting with "J" - this happens to be "Journeyman" if you choses the default sort order. Press the down arrow twice to get to the LP release on Duck records - this is the one we wish to mark as owned.

5. Press F5 to enter a "Y" in the owned field (Version 2.14 and above only)

6. Now press Enter to view the track and musician information for the release, we notice when looking through the musicians that the producer (Russ Titleman) is not credited so we press F12 to display the amend release screen then Alt +M (or Musicians and Tracks button) to display the add musician / tracks screen, them Alt + M again (or Add musician button) to display the add musician screen. Type in "Russ" in the musician first name field then Enter to go to the musician last name field, type "Titleman" then Enter which goes to the instrument list, press "P" until the word "Producer" is highlighted then press Enter to select it and Enter again to add the musician entry.

7. Press Esc three times to clear the screen back to the main display - If you now press Enter you will see the change reflected in the list of Musicians for the release.

8. The next LP in our stack is "The Best of Patsy Cline" so press Ctrl + A - Enter "cline" in the Artist Last Name field then Tab and "pat" in the Artist First Name field. Press "t" when the list of Patsy Cline releases is displayed to show the first title starting with "T" - we can see "The best of" is in the list but not on LP so we need to add a new release. By pressing Enter we can check whether Track and Musician information is present for this Album (in this case it is not).

9. Press F12 to display the amend entry screen - press Alt +R to enter a new release of an existing entry. This option allows you to change information relevant to a release but not the artist name or title. Press Tab twice to reach the record format field and type "LP" then tab twice again to reach the Catalogue number field and type "SHM 3192" - Press Alt +S (or Save button) to save the newly added release.

10. Press Alt + N to display the Notes screen - Press "Y" in the owned field then Alt + E (or the Exit button) to save the notes and return to the amend release display.

11. Press Alt + M to display the Add Tracks and Musicians screen then Alt + T to start entering the tracks. Type the first track title in "Walkin' after Midnight" then press Enter. Type the second track title "I fall to Pieces" then press Enter - repeat this process until all tracks have been added, you can then press Enter with the field empty and this will clear the tracks entry screen (Note it is not necesary to use the mouse when entering information - this saves having to move from keyboard to mouse and back all the time).

12. Press Alt + M to display the add musician screen - type "Patsy" in the Musician First Name field then Enter then "Cline" in the Musician Last Name field then Enter then press "V" until "Vocals" is highlighted then Enter. The cursor is placed back on the First Name field, because Patsy Cline also played Piano we want to add her again so we can just press Enter twice to keep her name then press "P" until "Piano" is highlighted then Enter. If we knew other musicians featured on the LP we could type in the next name (no need to clear the previous name - this is done automatically as you start to type). In this case I do not know other musicians for the album so we press Esc three times to return to the main display. Continue in the above way until all the LP's in the stack have been processed. All it takes is time!


Search Fields:

It is possible to search on any of the following:

Artist First / Last / Other Name (Band Name) - The name of the group or solo artist on the record. Where an artist may be known by another name you may find more details by looking at the nicknames table.

Musician First / Last Name - the name of a musician who played on a release. Searching for a musician name allows you to display all the releases on which the musician has appeared. Musician name may be the same as the Artist Name in some instances. e.g. Eric Clapton is the Artist who released 461 Ocean Boulevard, unsurprisingly he also played Guitar and sang Vocals on the album. Yvonne Elliman also sang vocals on some of the tracks on the album and therefore appears as a musician on the album.

Title - The title of a Single or Album release.

Track - The title of a track on a single or album release.

Country - the country of release for an album or single.

Record Format - The style of the release e.g LP = vinyl album, MC = musicassette,CD = Compact Disc.

Year - The year of release of the particular version of the album or single.

Record Company - The company which released the album or single.

Catalogue Number - The catalogue number allocated by the record company.


Search Options:

Equal To - Selects all items equal to the defined parameters.

Not Equal To - Selects all the items that do not match the defined parameters.

Identical To - Only selects items where the selected field is identical to the text entered. E.g. if you enter the text "Zapp" you will find only the band Zapp not Frank Zappa. (RockBase Plus is not however case sensitive - it does not matter whether you type the text in upper or lower case or even a mixture of both).

Contains - Selects items which contain the text entered anywhere in the field(s) selected. E.g. Artist Last Name contains "man" would find items by Roger Chapman as well as Manassas.

Starts With - Selects data only if the text entered appears at the start of the field chosen, (this is the default selection process), it means you only need to enter sufficient information to limit the search to your chosen items. By entering an Artist Last Name of "C" with an Artist First Name of "Eric" all Eric Clapton releases will be displayed, so too would releases by Eric Camel and Erica Campbell if indeed there were such artists.

Ends With - Selects data only where the text entered appears at the end of the field chosen.

Comes Before - Selects any items which appear before the text entered. E.g. Year "1964" when used with this option will produce a list of all releases issued before 1964.

Comes After - Selects any items which appear after the text entered. E.g. Year "1993" when used with this option will produce a list of all releases issued after 1993.

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