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RockBase Plus version 2 costs only 39.95 (sterling) (including V.A.T. and carriage) 34.00 to non EU (European Union) countries
What can you do with RockBase Plus v2?
RockBase Plus is a searchable CD-ROM database containing information about 154,694 album and 182,930 singles releases by 43,545 artists on 11,179 different record labels. Almost all the singles and many of the albums contain details about which tracks appear on the release. In addition many albums also contain information about which musicians featured on the album.
  • List all the known releases for any featured Artist.
  • Add records from your own collection. RockBase Plus V2 is a complete record cataloging package with most of the data already present.
  • Enter Notes against any release.
  • Discover which musicians played on which albums or what album contained a particular track. (over 330,000 musician credits listed)
  • Search by Artist, Album/Single Title, Track, Country of origin, Musician, Instrument, Record Company, Catalogue number and Year Of Release.
  • Print a list of Album and/or Single titles for any featured artist.
  • For example you can find all the LP's produced by Eric Clapton and discover that Ry Cooder played guitar on "Money & Cigarettes". You can then look at all the recordings that Ry Cooder made with other artists thus discovering a little known album made by Marc Benno.
System Requirements: RockBase Plus runs on IBM Compatible PC's (486 or above recommended) under Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later (including Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP) or IBM OS/2 Warp for Windows, (it does NOT currently run under Windows NT), and needs a CD-ROM drive, 8Mb of RAM, 5Mb hard disk space (500Kb if run from CD-ROM) plus temporary file space as required.
Rolling Demo
Press here to download Short rolling demo program (335Kb) (approx 1 min @ 56k)
Press here to download More detailed rolling demo program (460Kb) (approx 1.5 mins)
Press here to download Feature packed rolling demo program (550Kb) (approx 2 mins)


The Data
RockBase Plus contains information about 154,694 album and 182,930 singles releases by 43,545 artists on 11,179 different record labels. Almost all the singles and many of the albums contain details about which tracks appear on the release. In addition many albums also contain information about which musicians featured on the album. The data covers the period 1952-1996. You can also add new data.
To reveal Tracks and Musicians for any release, position the mouse cursor over the item and double click with the left mouse button. The same technique can be used to list all releases containing a track, double click on the desired track in the lower left area of the screen. For all releases featuring a Musician, double click on the musician in the lower right area of the screen. Details of 542,132 tracks and 330,615 musician credits by 52,332 different musicians appear in RockBase Plus version 2.
Whilst most of the information could loosely be linked to Rock Music, RockBase Plus also includes much information on Pop, Reggae, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Country and Folk. Information about each known release of a title is available, therefore if an album was released on CD and vinyl in Europe and the USA there will be 4 entries giving full details including the relevant catalogue number.


More information about searching:
It is possible to search on any of the following:
Artist First / Last / Other Name (Band Name) - The name of the group or solo artist on the record. Where an artist may be known by another name you may find more details by looking at the nicknames table.
Musician First / Last Name - the name of a musician who played on a release. Searching for a musician name allows you to display all the releases on which the musician has appeared. Musician name may be the same as the Artist Name in some instances. e.g. Eric Clapton is the Artist who released 461 Ocean Boulevard, unsurprisingly he also played Guitar and sang Vocals on the album. Yvonne Elliman also sang vocals on some of the tracks on the album and therefore appears as a musician on the album.

Title - The title of a Single or Album release.
Track - The title of a track on a single or album release.
Country - the country of release for an album or single.
Record Format - The style of the release e.g LP = vinyl album, MC = musicassette,CD = Compact Disc.
Year - The year of release of the particular version of the album or single.
Record Company - The company which released the album or single.
Catalogue Number - The catalogue number allocated by the record company.


A Typical Week for RockBase Plus v2
Picture the scene, you are a collector of Rock and Pop music and you own a PC (with a CD-ROM drive). You want to know all the Eric Clapton albums released on Polydor records before 1990, you use RockBase Plus, a CD-ROM from Cravenplan Computers Ltd, to list these albums and then discover that Rita Coolidge sang on the album "Eric Clapton". You wonder what other albums featured her as well. RockBase Plus has the answers, she sang on albums by Joe Cocker and Stephen Stills amongst others. You also notice that your favourite track "Cry Me A River" appears on the album "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" by Joe Cocker and you wonder who else recorded a song with the same title, RockBase Plus can tell you, (it was recorded by many other artists including Ella Fitzgerald and Joan Baez).
Later in the week a friend tells you she has discovered a remarkable record label called Windham Hill which features New Age music. You offer to search the database for any other releases on that label and print out the list for your friend to take to the local record fair that weekend. Your friend finds five more albums from the list and is so grateful she buys you lunch. Although there is no such thing as a free lunch, the 39.95 you spent on your copy of RockBase Plus has given you so much enjoyment in the first week you've owned it that you begin to wonder how you ever lived without it.


New to version 2:
Record Collection Manager: Version 2 allows the addition of new releases and titles in the event that the artist does not feature in Terry's data. Changes and notes are added to a new database on the hard disk.
The main release information you enter can be searched along with the supplied data. The track and musician data can be displayed by double clicking on a release, it is not yet searched when using the search for tracks or search for musicians options.
The ability to add notes to a release has been added - it is now possible to define up to 5 custom notes fields in the database.
The customizable notes fields are supplied set to
1) "Owned" - fill with Y, N or Wanted for example then use to search for all albums you want to buy.
2) "Amount Paid" - enter the amount you paid for an album or single - can be used with the new sum function to determine the current value of your collection.
3) "Date Purchased" - Enter the date you purchased an album or single.
4) "Purchased From" - enter the dealer purchased from.
5) "Notes" - any other notes. Although the fields are set this way by default they can be amended to provide any 5 fields you want
Where no tracks or musicians are featured for a release the lower half of the screen is now used to display extra releases. Plus many other small improvements see full list by clicking here


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